What Do You Expect From a Twitter Bot?

Twitter offers a rich API that you can use to engage followers and build your brand. Knowing how the API works make it easy for you to know how the bots work because a bot is intended to automate the various tasks that Twitter wants to be manual.

If you are a brand that looks to build its following the right way and much faster, then you need a bot that can do all you need for you. These bots offer various actions that you need to be conversant with. Here are a few.

Sending a Public Reply

At times you wish to respond to all the tweets that match certain criteria or that contain certain words. For instance, you might want to find out all the Tweets that have mentioned you in the content and send a specific reply to them. When this is the case, you need a bot that gives you this capability to send an auto response to the user that mentioned you.

Quote a Tweet

Did you know that you can include another person’s tweet in a whole new tweet? This isn’t retweeting; rather it involves adding a prefix to the tweet and then using it in your own comment. This gives a new context to the tweet and makes it more valuable to your campaign. It also gives you new content that would otherwise take ages to craft.

Sending Direct Messages

One of the best ways to get closer and more personal to the user is to send a direct message. You can choose to send the message to all the people that have commented on a particular topic. This makes it possible to get a response and know whether to follow them or not.

Retweet Tweets

It is not always that you will come up with content that wows everyone that is following you. At times you have to borrow content from other users on the platform. One way to do this is to retweet a public tweet. This is similar to hitting a retweets button on a person’s tweet, a mobile app or on a website. This helps you deliver fresh content every time without racking your brain not knowing what to tweet next.

Follow Users

You can follow other users depending on a certain criteria. For instance, you can choose to follow everyone that has included your name in their posts. This is sensible because at least you know that the people you are following know something about your brand.

Add to List

One of the innovative ways to market your products and create the right mailing list is to add the users to a list. You can use various criteria to add users to this list including how active they are, how big their following is and the relevance to your niche. Take time to come up with a definitive list, though you will have to edit it more often so that you have one that can assist you to sell your products or promote your cause.

This list is ideal in various ways. One, you can use it to market your products, and two; you can use them to expand your reach. Make sure you have the right list that will promote your goals. You can also Dm the people on the list with offers knowing that they are interested. You have to remove and add people to the list as necessary. This requires the best bot, which you can read about on The Small Business Blog.

Final Words

These are the features of the top Twitter bot. As you can see, these features help you expand your reach and get more sales, or promote a cause.