Wedding Photography Styles You Need to Know

When it comes to their wedding, most couples don’t understand that there are so many styles of photography that can be used. They leave the whole photography business to the photographer, which puts them at the mercy of the photographer.

Today we look at the various styles of photography, so that you understand what is happening and what to expect at the end of it all.

Photojournalism or Reportage Wedding Photography

This style of wedding photography you might not see the photographer as normal, because he will be on the sidelines, shooting from the background. You won’t realize that the photos are being taken, meaning you won’t have the time to pose for the image, the photographer captures the real emotions that you show.

With this style, the photos that the photographer captures will put the person looking at them right into the middle of whatever is going on. The photographer captures moments that are happening in reality without having to set up anything and pose for the picture.

The photographer is out to tell a story for the wedding day, so that the people that check out the photos get to experience whatever happened on that day. The aim is to capture the essence of the wedding, so that they don’t miss out on things that pass too quickly without the guests ever noticing it.

This style of photography takes a lot of time to perfect and it needs years of experience and fast reactions from the photographer to capture the essence of the wedding.

Traditional Photography

Unlike the wedding photojournalism, this style of photography has a lot of involvement from the photographer. Most of the portraits are set up and you have to pose, which incorporates a more traditional approach to the wedding photos. The photographer acts as a director for the whole production, guiding the poses and who appears in the photos.

The photographer is the one that decides the background that are ideal for each pose. He also directs how each person stands to bring out the best poses.

Also called classical wedding photography, this style includes the unforgettable moments of the day including exchanging the rings, signing the register, walking down the aisle and cutting of the cake etc.

The traditional photography represents the kind of shots that your parents expect to see from your wedding photos.

Traditional wedding photography has stood the test of time. However, the photographer from Bluebend Photography uses careful lighting as well as expert posing to create the perfect record for your wedding. Since everything needs to be fast, the expert photographer needs to work fast and put everyone at ease to make sure everything works within the necessary timeframe.

Contemporary Wedding Photography

Contemporary wedding photography means different things to a lot of people. Contemporary though is something that is constantly changing, which means the images become obsolete very fast.

This involves trending off the wall techniques and the use of different perspectives. The style of photography forces the photographer to take an angle that he deems will deliver the latest style in photography.

Many wedding photographers use this style if they plan to use the images in a wedding magazine or a blog. The downside is that you won’t be able to understand what happened during the wedding; instead your album ends up like an art exhibition.

A Blend of Various Styles

You can decide to have several photography styles all rolled into one. You can talk to the photographer so that you assign each situation to a certain photography style. You can list the various scenes that make up the wedding, and ask the photographer to suggest a style that can suit each scene.

Additionally, you can decide to let the photographer run wild and decide what kind of style to use for whatever situation that crops up. However, for this you need to make sure you trust the photographer for it to work out for your special day.

The Bottom-line

Once you have set a wedding date and booked the venue, you need to choose the right wedding photography style. Be sure to work with a professional photographer to get what you are looking for. The style the photographer offers needs to meet your requirements.