Useful Car Maintenance Tips for a BMW in Essex

A BMW is often referred to as the ‘ultimate driving machine’. The only way it can remain that way is if the owner takes proper care of it. The BMW is known for its intricate and superior German engineering, meaning that it is not a fragile machine. All in all, it requires regular treatment in order to maximize its performance. Below are some car maintenance tips for BMW Essex.

Gasoline is the lifeblood of an Essex resident’s BMW as without it, it can only be referred to as the ‘ultimate parked car’. Smart owners are those who always put gas mileage into consideration. There are a number of ways in which many BMW owners waste gasoline. It advisable for a driver to be mindful of how he or she schedules errands and trips as this will minimize engine. In addition, this will reduce the frequency of having to restart the engine, something that utilizes even more gasoline.

A major benefit of BMW’s driving experience is smooth travel at high speeds. Riding with the windows down at high speeds is another habit that results in gas wastage. This is because it creates drag for the car, forcing it to work hard and thus use more gas. It is also ironic that turning on the air conditioning at full blast causes excessive amounts of gas to be burnt. BMW owners in Essex should try as much as possible to avoid frequent starting and stopping.

When performing maintenance on a car, filters are often overlooked. Fuel and oil filters are designed in a way that they prevent impurities from getting into the engine. Should they not be replaced in a timely manner, excessive amounts of contaminants can accumulate in a way that causes the car to use more gasoline. Regular filter replacement extends the lifespan of a BMW’s engine, while also reducing excessive gasoline consumption by as much as 10%. The car’s engine will continue performing at a superior level if all its parts are regularly maintained. Routine spark plug replacement will keep the vehicle’s ignition revving up the engine for several laps around the block. In addition, combustion of air and fuel mixture will occur more cleanly and efficiently.

Another notable BMW maintenance issue involves preparing it for winter driving. At PMWLtd in Essex, winter driving presents several challenges that should be taken quite seriously. The owner should understand that irrespective of how technically advanced the vehicle is, the fundamental realities still remain the same. For instance, slippery roads still offer lesser grip and it takes more time to stop if the road is covered with snow. Also, a BMW owner cannot count on other motorists to drive sensibly. This underlines the importance of the owner keeping distance between him or her and other cars.

For a BMW driver who wishes to be in control, it is advisable to invest in a set of winter tires. Such tires offer better grip in freezing, cold, snowy and icy conditions. In addition, when the winter tires are fitted, the regular tires are not being used. This means they are not wearing out and thus will last longer.