Types of Limousines to Rent

It’s funny, some people probably think that the hardest decision when deciding to rent a limousine is whether or not to fork over all the money in their wallet. While that is a hard decision to make, an even tougher one is what type of limousine to rent. Yes, there are in fact more than one type!

The Stretch Limo

While everyone is different, most people will think of this style when someone mentions the word limo. One could refer to this as the cliché limo due to its standard design. This is perfect for classic people and people who only want a basic limo, and nothing more.

The Limo Bus

For people who have a vast number of people that they want to accommodate inside a limousine, the best option is a limo bus. As the name so eloquently indicates, this is basically a party bus. While not the most stunning limo (as far as the visual appeal), it’s the best limo for a huge party. Often times, renting this type of limo would prevent someone from having to rent two limos (if there are several people looking to ride in it).

Jacuzzi Limos

Now, it’s getting a little serious. If a standard limo just doesn’t sound appealing enough, then how about one that has a Jacuzzi? However, one thing to keep in mind is most Jacuzzi limos have a convertible design. Weather will end up playing a factor so it’s wise to not rent it on a stormy afternoon.

Convertible Limos

Speaking of convertibles, there are also standard convertible limos that can be rented. Once again, the weather has to be brought to attention as a rainy day will completely ruin the experience. To be honest, these types of limos are ideal in the summer. Unfortunately, they are not seasonal (depending on where you are in the world).

Hummer Limos

Probably the most visual appealing limo in the world is a hummer limo. Of course, this is all one’s perspective but everyone can at least agree that hummer limos are gorgeous to look at. Outside of their incredible design, the inside is very luxurious and has a massive size. For a one time shot, renting a hummer limo is the best way to go.

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