Things you Should Know Before Buying a Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Technology will never cease to amaze, and with a notably sustained effort in advancing it day in day out, life will only get easier, more fun and more enjoyable. At present, cleaning your floors and carpets can never get easier. Imagine yourself relaxing after a tasking day, either reading a book or watching a movie, and some robotic device is busy moving about on your floor and getting rid of any dirt or dust on its way? Sounds nice, right? Yes, it is, this is the far modern technology has brought us, and I believe we are not yet there.

With robotic vacuum cleaners, you can remove vacuuming from your daily to-do-list and rest assured that your house will be cleaned whether you are in or not. However, before you board the robotic cleaning machines craze, here are some important things you should know.

Good fit for The Disabled

Robotic vacuum cleaners are an answer to most people with disabilities. Also, it’s a good fit for anyone with back problems that make it pretty hard to operate a canister or an upright cleaner. These adorable devices require minimal effort to operate, hence, enriching more independence to those with disabilities.

Floor Type

Robotic carpets work best on hard floors and less thick carpets. Therefore, you first need to think about the surface in your home. If you have wooden floors or a pile of a carpet, that measures more than an inch in length, you should probably reconsider your options.


Think of a robotic vacuum cleaner as a maintenance machine that keeps your home clean and fresh every day. Some are programmable; thus, you can program them to clean the floors once every day, at a particular time each day, or as you wish. However, it would be wise to clean up once in a while, just in case the machine cleaner accidentally made a mess somewhere. In any case, not much effort will be required to clean floors that get cleaned on a daily basis. Therefore, take some time off your weekend plans and conduct a routine or thorough cleaning yourself to keep your home fresh and clean always.

The size of your living space

Robots are an ideal way of keeping your room or apartment clean. However, they are not designed or ideal if you live in a multistory house or an apartment with too many rooms. Therefore, if you live in a studio or a one-bedroom apartment, you can use a robotic vacuum to tidy up your living space with no worries. Nevertheless, with the ever-advancing technology at work, you will get some models that can be manipulated into cleaning multiple rooms, for instance, a Roomba. Therefore, be sure to look for one that can actually meet your cleaning needs.


There are many models of robotic cleaners in the market with distinct features. Some features are only found in the high-end spectrum of the market; thus, you should set a budget before you go shopping. Indicate the features you will be looking for and the amount of money you are willing to part with. If you get better features within your planned budget, the better. Overall, don’t spend beyond your limits to acquire features that you may never use. To get a better overview, you can research online on sites such as get detailed reviews and what you need to look for when buying a robotic vacuum cleaner.


There is no doubt about the artificial intelligence in robot vacuums and their ability to clean hard surfaces. However, despite featuring cameras, navigation software and stair detection, a robotic vacuum cleaner cannot beat the standard vacuum when it comes to cleaning carpets. This is because they don’t produce the same suction that a typical vacuum cleaner generates. As such, your carpet may look clean, but there is some dirt left behind, which may eventually destroy the carpet. That is why it is recommended that you clean your floors with the standard vacuum cleaner occasionally if you use a robotic cleaner, to remove the dirt that remains behind.