Signs Your Vehicle’s AC has a Problem

Many car owners regard their air conditioning system as a luxury. The truth is that almost all the vehicles on sale nowadays have this component installed. The benefit of this system in our cars is unquestionable. First of all, it gives you the cool air which makes hot summer days bearable. Secondly, the AC has the ability to dry the air within your vehicle’s cabin, therefore reducing the possibility of your car’s windows steaming on wet days. Thirdly, this system helps you stay awake on long journeys.

However, with prolonged use, your car air conditioning unit, just like the rest of the systems in the car starts malfunctioning. Unfortunately, vehicle manufacturers don’t have AC maintenance in their maintenance program, leaving you with the responsibility of looking for an auto mechanic to handle the problems for you. Let us look at some of common AC problems, the causes and what needs to be done.

AC Not Cooling the Cabin Properly

This is one of the most common problems experienced by many car owners. These systems work by eliminating hot air from within the cabin to the outside, resulting in a lower inside temperature. With time, the refrigerant that cools the air within the system diminishes by around 15 percent per annum. When the AC unit isn’t in use, certain components called seals dry up, reducing the productivity of this unit. This results in a unit that runs but doesn’t cool the air or remove the mist from the windows as expected.

This problem has a simple fix and can be handled by a mobile auto repair unit from PMWLTD. The mechanic checks for any leakages and will replenish your refrigerant tanks in a quick and easy manner.

Buildup of Bacteria

This issue commonly happens during winter when you don’t use the AC unit as often as you should. Bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms build up behind your dashboard. If you leave this untreated, these microorganisms can trigger respiratory conditions in the occupants in the car.

An analysis and subsequent treatment by an expert auto repair specialist eliminates the growth of these microorganisms and restores a fresh smell to the interior of your vehicle.

Irregular Noises

Strange noises coming out of your AC unit when it’s running point to a fault in the system. Normally, the noises that come out of the unit ought to be a regular click that signals the pump turning on or off. However, if you should hear any sound that isn’t a click, you need to suspect damage to your unit. Don’t ignore this sound, as it might lead to further damage requiring a full replacement of the AC unit that might cost you an arm and leg.

Visit a trained vehicle air conditioning specialist to diagnose and look at the system to determine the source of the problem. Try and have the problem identified and worked upon at the earliest opportunity to reduce any inconveniences and costs.

Dripping Water

Some problems aren’t so big to cause you any worry, but it pays to visit the mechanic without fail. If you notice water dripping under your car, the major reason might be the evaporation draining off from the AC unit, which is a standard feature for all vehicles. However, don’t ignore this fact because it might be a more serious problem. At times, the tube that drains the evaporated water might get blocked or kinked, in which case the car might become misty and the carpets might become damp due to the condensation remaining within the evaporator.

When this happens, you need to visit your mechanic immediately to get an idea of what is happening with the vehicle so that you prevent any further damage that might cost you more.

Final Words

You don’t have to visit the mechanic only when you notice a problem with your AC unit. Sometimes it is advisable to get the unit checked even without noticeable signs. The mechanic will check the integrity of the refrigerant and identify any other issue with the unit. Remember, the faster these issues get identified and corrected the less you get to spend on repairs and replacements. A perfectly working AC unit not only makes your travels comfortable, it also enhances your safety while on the road.