Protective Accessories For The New Born Puppies

The pet animals have become an important part of your house these days as most of you like to have these pets in your house. But when you adopt a pet animal in your house, it is equally important for you to take good care of your pets. There are several instances where a little bit of negligence on the master’s part has cost the pet animals their life.

To avoid any such kind of scenario, you can go for various kinds of pet care products like the whelping box that can help you to take good care of your pets. These products and accessories make life easier for the pets and help them in leading their life with ease. Here are brief descriptions about some of the pet care accessories that you can add to your household in case you are having a pet animal in your house:

whelping boxes:

The whelping boxes are needed especially when you have new born puppies in your house. The newly born puppies are very sensitive and thus by leaving them to live in the open area can lead to drastic circumstances. There have been some cases where the puppies have died in a few days when not kept in a sensitive and safe puppy box.

These days, these boxes are available in a variety of sizes and colors so that it meets your requirement. A standard size box can carry as many as three puppies and in case you have more, you can get customized boxes for yourself. These boxes are disposable means that you can dispose them to garbage or burn them after using them.

Whelping Fleece lining:

In addition to boxes, you also require this lining fabric that is used as a mat in the box and helps the pets with a good and soft interaction. The boxes have a hard surface and thus without these sheets it would be very risky for you to ensure the safety of the new puppies. Thus, you must get good, soft and durable lining for your puppies to make these early days special and comfortable for them.

Whelping Heat Pads:

The newly born puppies are more sensitive and thus there is a great amount of risk that they will fall prey to the unfavorable weather conditions. These heat pads or heat mats provide the puppies the necessary heating without any risk of an electrical shock. Some of you make use of the lamps which is not that efficient and at the same time can be uncomfortable for the puppies in the night. Some others use the fire which can be very risky to the health of the puppies and as such these pads or mats are the best possible solution.