Overplayed Songs you Should Avoid at Your Wedding

A wedding is a once in a lifetime event, and you should make yours unique. More specifically, the entertainment bit of it has to be different. Avoid playing these songs that no one wants to listen to anymore.

Pachelbel’s Canon in D

Almost everyone who has been to a wedding has heard this song. Sure, it is a beautiful, well-written piece but it’s time weddings gave it a break! In fact, chances are that you’ve heard it so many times to the point of thinking it’s a musical equivalent of watching paint dry – super dull. Even more depressing is the fact most couples don’t know how to spell the song’s name. They misspell it as Pakabel’s Canon or Pachabel’s Canon.

Make no mistake about it though; this tune is instrumental, easy to remember and graceful in every way. It is a canon, so it starts slowly and gathers pace gradually, making everyone look forward to the bride’s entrance. The only problem is that it’s been played over and again listening to it is nauseating.

Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring

Those who’ve listened to this song will tell you that it is incredibly adaptive. It has a joyful solo tune that any man or woman can sing. Plus, you can play it fast or slow and it is not surprising that many artists have covered the song from Renee Fleming to the Beach Boys and Josh Groban. The point is, this ballad won’t create any surprises at your wedding. On the contrary, it will make your ceremony seem “too obvious” and predictable.

Richard Wagner Here Comes the Bride

This song is extremely popular. In fact, little girls hum to it when playing “wedding” games. On top of that, TV and radio stations have played it countless times. Plus, so many couples choose it for the procession down the aisle – so many times that the tune has become tired, literally speaking. And if you want one more reason not to play this song at your wedding, then it’ll catch your attention to know that Hilter and the Nazis used Wagner’s work, specifically Here Comes the Bride.

Wedding March by Felix Mendelssohn’s

The Wedding March is arguably the most played tune during recessional today. Its popularity dates back to 1858 when Queen Victoria used in her wedding. It has since featured in hundreds of films whenever the actors leave the altar as a married couple – that alone should give you a reason to avoid this song in your wedding.

…hire a wedding singer instead,

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