How to Promote Your Blog on Instagram

One of the ways to promote your blog is to engage with them the right way using Instagram. Instagram provides a great way to score with the masses, and it allows you to get all kinds of traffic to your blog, only if you do things the right way.

As we speak, more than 70 percent of popular brands use Instagram, and you too can share, promote and engage your audience at a whole new level using this platform.

Why Should You Concern Yourself With Instagram?

Instagram has more than 800 million users worldwide, with 500 million active on the platform on a daily basis. Studies show that 60 percent of Instagram users allege that they got product information from the platform. It also shows that Instagram users have the most percentage of interactions for each post compared to Twitter and Facebook.

Today we look at the various ways you can promote your blog the right way.

Add a Bio

The bio acts as the best way to introduce yourself. You need to make sure the bio makes the kind of impression you need to appeal to your followers. Make sure you create a short yet accurate bio that tells your followers what you blog about.

Additionally, make sure you add a call-to-action that gives you the reaction you need from the audience. This is ideal because you cannot add a clickable link anywhere else on the Instagram profile, even your posts.

Only Go For Quality

Concentrate on sharing high-quality images and videos that communicate an idea. The content you share should also be relevant to the audience and niche. Before you start making the content, start by making a list of all the content types that you can create related to the industry.

In addition to making sure the content is aligned to the niche, you also need to make sure it is high-quality content. Make sure the images are beautiful and clear; use a few filters or light effects to make the content more creative.

One of the best ways to share blog content is to screen-capture it using your smartphone. After doing this, you can edit it before you go ahead and post it.

Follow Other Bloggers

Posting high-quality content is great, but it doesn’t get you to Instagram heaven. One of the best ways to do this is to like and comment on other content that bloggers share on the platform. Follow bloggers that are in your niche so that you understand what they share and then follow suit. Use the Instagram search and explore function to get bloggers to follow back. Chances are they will also follow you.

You can perform a search for people or tags so that you get the bloggers that will follow you back.

Be Transparent

One of the ways to build trust as a blogger is to be transparent. One of the things you can do to achieve this is to share behind-the-scenes images with your audience.

It can be a picture of you typing away, recording a podcast or a picture of the office setup.

Get More Followers

Another way to promote your blog is to buy some real followers. According to Fred Harrington, the process is easy and fast and helps you grow your brand the right way due to the enhanced engagement levels you receive.

In Closing

Blogging is one of the best ways to put your passion into writing. Take time to understand what you need to do in order to promote your blog on Instagram so that you have more followers and achieve your goals on Instagram.