How to Find the Perfect Motorcycle Accessories

So, you’ve taken the plunge and bought yourself a brand-new motorcycle! Excellent news. But, before you take your new hog out on the road, there are some accessories you’ll need to have, both for protection and for the added level of cool. These days, there’s no shortage of excellent motorcycle gear that also looks awesome, so you’ll stand out in a crowd. So, without further ado, let’s talk about some of this radical gear!

Protect Your Noggin

In many areas, it’s illegal to ride a bike without a safety helmet. Even if it’s not in your state, you should still invest in a helmet. They’re designed to protect your head in a crash and will even help if you fall off.

It’s important to buy a helmet that fits correctly. And a helmet that fits right should also be comfortable. Manufacturers have different ways to make their helmets adjustable, from different pads to an air pump system. Remember, your padding and areas around the cheek guard will eventually wear, so you’ll have to replace your helmet periodically.

Many helmets come with a visor, but if yours doesn’t, you should buy a pair of motorcycle goggles, too. If you can’t see, you can’t safely drive.

Cover Your Core

Next, you should also invest in a sturdy bike jacket. These will help keep you warm (remember, you’re going to be moving at speed, so you’ll have the wind chill to contend with), but also help to protect vital internal organs. And everyone who’s a hard-core biker has suffered from the dreaded ‘road rash’, which a good jacket will help prevent.

Certified biker jackets don’t come cheap, so expect to pay a pretty penny. But don’t worry, you won’t end up with a shoddy product; these are made to exacting standards with exceptional materials. An ideal jacket will include armor padding or have the pouches to insert pads sold separately. These pads are made of Kevlar, like police bullet-proof vests. And some jackets even include CO2 airbags!

Glove Up!

Your hands will be exposed to the same wind and weather as the rest of you, but they’re what control and guide your bike. So, make sure to buy a decent set of gloves to keep your hands warm and dry. Gloves should fit, well, like a glove; they shouldn’t be too loose or too tight. If you’re lucky enough to try some on before buying, wrap your hand around a motorcycle grip. The glove should be tight but not cut off circulation. Your fingers should barely touch the tips of the glove.

There are three types of gloves, too: racing, touring, and winter gloves. Racing gloves won’t offer any protection from weather, as they’re too thin to provide greater dexterity. Regular touring gloves and a winter pair (if you intend to ride in severe weather) are your best bet.

Don’t Forget Your Bum

The rear end is, shall we say, the less-protected body part. But often, it’s the first part to hit the ground after a fall. So, don’t forget to pick up a pair of motorcycle pants. Many of these will fit over your regular clothing, so you won’t have to change when you get to your destination. But, they’ll protect you from rain and wind and offer your butt some protection in a fall.

Style Out with Some Boots

Boots not only protect your feet from the weather, but they offer protection from road rash as well. And a good motorcycle boot can help prevent a twisted ankle or other injury from a fall. Combat boots aren’t entirely appropriate for biking, though they will work in a pinch. Bikers Basics offers excellent information about biker boots, as well as other accessories.

Put it in the Bag!

Your bike probably has a little storage, perhaps under the seat. But if you plan to haul more than just a couple things with you, you’ll want a bag of some kind. These aren’t your average school backpack. No, they’re designed specifically with bikers in mind, so you can cart your things around without worry of losing them on the highway.

Motorcycle Armor

If you like to do more dirt bike type riding, you might want to look at some motorcross armor. It’s easy to put on and take off and helps to protect you from branches and flying dirt and rocks, something you’ll encounter if you’re out on a trail.

Motorcycle accessories are no longer drab and boring. Instead, they offer style and protection in one, allowing you to decide on what your biker look will be. If you’re just starting in bike riding, your first investment should always be a helmet, but the other articles discussed here will also protect you in an accident, or even just a fall. Be a responsible biker and take care of your body while you’re riding. If you have even the smallest of incidents while riding, you won’t regret it!