How to Become a Micro Influencer at Instagram

Becoming a micro influencer on Instagram requires certain skills like leadership and the power to convince people. If you can’t make them believe what you stand for you pretty much failed at that job so make sure you have the required skills before even taking a shot at this type of job. Obviously, what you can’t you can learn, but it would be easier if you already have it in you.

The First Step – Building an Audience

You can’t be an influencer if you don’t have an audience, I suppose that speaks for itself, so start working on it so that you have at the very least 1000 to approx 20,000 raving fans and you can call yourself a micro influencer, although with just 1000 fans it’s hard to make any sales so the more the better.

There are multiple ways to accomplish this but before you start reaching out to people you want to make sure your account looks great, all the little details filled out and design it in such way that you are unique in your own way. The use of certain colors and sticking to that color pattern is one of the best ways to accomplish that as people will automatically associate those colors or this particular color with your brand.

Three Ways to Build a Fanbase

As said, multiple ways lead to Rome, so we are going to look at the most efficient ones, specially designed for people just starting.

Invite Your Friends

Ha, that’s a rather obvious one of course but it works great, especially if you already have a tons of friends on Facebook like I so often see, people with thousands of friends is no exception anymore so harness them for your goal and don’t be shy to invite their acquaintances as well while you’re at it, or even better ask your friends to share your Instagram account on their timeline and many will do.

Email Your List

This is for the people that already run a business if that’s not the case you can add a widget to your website same like I did that links to your social profile, this also serves as social proof when you want to sell something on your websites so you kill two birds with one stone.

Automated Growth

Sometimes its time to pick the easy way and that is by automating a part of it. Why spend day in day out liking other peoples posts, following them only for them to not follow you back, it can easily lead to you being frustrated with little results to show for. That’s why you want to automate this part and there are a lot of bots and dedicated services that can help you with that. Johnathon Spire is such a blog that reviews all of these bots so pay them a visit when you have some spare time.

In Conclusion

If you followed our points and build your followers base to the desired size you can now call yourself a micro-influencer and in the next post, we are going to show you how to monetize that for profits. Thank yourself that the leg work has been done and you can be on your way to becoming a real influencer once you reach ten thousands of followers!