Espresso Making Mistakes to Avoid

When many people hear the term espresso, they think that it is reserved for the coffee shops that have advanced espresso-making machines for this task. It is not hard at all; the only issue is that you end up making very simple mistakes that haunt you throughout your espresso making sessions.

If you have been keen enough, you must have realized that the people who brew the espresso in the coffee shops are not trained staff or baristas. Therefore, this is not difficult at all.

If you are competing for a part of the barista national finals, then coming up with a perfect cup of espresso can be extremely difficult and will take a lot of experience. But if you are making a cup for your family members or guests, then you can do so quickly.

The process might be a bit harder than making toast for breakfast, but it is easier as well.

In all cases, the only aspect that makes it hard to deliver a perfect espresso is the small mistakes that you make when brewing your espresso. The trick behind the perfect cup is knowing the mistakes and avoiding them.

What Should You Expect?

You need to expect a cup of espresso that should be rich and not bitter at all, with a layer of cream at the top. The layer of froth, which floats on top of the espresso makes the beverage complete.

Therefore, if your espresso does not have the layer on top, then there is a huge problem.

So, why is there no cream at the top?

  • You used reground coffee that was old and dry. You need fresh coffee for a perfect cup.
  • The port filter was too cold when in essence you need to use it when it is warm.
  • You used coarse ground coffee, and the extraction of the coffee was too weak to make the perfect foam.
  • You did not use the Tamper to recompress the coffee.
  • You never measured the right amount of coffee, which is a common issue with beginners.

If you are an expert at making coffee, you know how important freshly ground coffee is to the whole process. Most of them grind the coffee beans themselves. However, it is more convenient for you to buy pre-ground coffee due to time limitations.

Go for a Fine Grind

If you opt for a coarse grind, you will make it easy for the water to wash through the coffee without taking out much, and all you get is water and not coffee. You will not get much flavour at all, and cream will be elusive too.

What you need to do is to adjust the grind to a finer texture so that you can make it as fine as possible. Another sign that you have a coarse grind is that the shot extracts too fast. The normal extraction should take roughly 25 seconds. If the process is much faster, then the resulting grind is too coarse.

Obvious Mistake…or Not

This mistake is one of the most obvious issues that many people are hit with – especially beginners. It is no more than using less coffee or the wrong filter basket. For every shot of espresso, you need seven grams of coffee. Well, many beginners think that this is for the whole preparation. We have to emphasize that this is for one shot. You need to understand what the scoop you have measures so that you do not have less when you need more.

The Look

At the end of it all, you need to have a rich cup that is not bitter at all, with cream at the top; weak extractions will not give you any cream at all.

While at it, you need to deliver the coffee in an espresso cup . You do not have to take all this time only for you to destroy the experience by offering the drink in a wrong cup. Check here to stock up on the right espresso cups.

In Short

You need to avoid these mistakes so that you end up with the perfect cup of espresso, brewed to the perfect level. Take time to have the right ingredients and make sure you serve it perfectly.