Choosing Between the Three Famous Types of Hair Dryers Today

Many people might not be aware, but famous hair dryers today actually have three types. Depending on the way it works and how it affects the hair of the person using it, a hair dryer can be classified as ionic, tourmaline or ceramic. All of these kinds have different advantages and depending on your needs, you can select the one that best fits your hair.

It is important then for you to learn more about these types of hair dryers as well as their advantages and the way they can help you not just to dry your hair but the make it smoother and more beautiful.

Get To Know Ionic Hair Dryers

The main feature of these hair dryers is that they have the ability to generate negative ions, thus they neutralize ions of the hair enabling them to reduce frizz as well as static electricity. This is the main reason why this kind of hair dryer is popular among many people today. In fact, many people don’t realize they have this one until they learn about its specific features.

The Tourmaline Dryers and Their Advantage

What makes this kind of hair dryer is the fact that it heats up quickly, thus shortening the amount of time it takes to dry and style of your hair. Like ionic hair dryers, they usually produce a lot of negative ions, which is basically very helpful in fixing hair problems.

Ceramic Hair Dryers to Reduce Bacteria

Even your hair is not safe from bacteria formation and therefore ceramic hair dryers might fit you well if you have this problem. Its nano technology makes it capable of dealing with bacteria formation, preventing build up of unwanted microscopic organisms in your hair.

By using all of the features cited here, you can compare all of these dryers you may find at sites and decide which one would you trust and buy to help you have a smoother and more beautiful hair.