Benefits of a Dot Peen Marking Machine

There are many benefits to using a dot peen marking machine. This practical machine can be used to apply fun and unique permanent marks to a variety of mediums. These include and aren’t limited to surfaces like glass, wood, steel, plastic, paper and other metals.

The reason why it’s called a dot peen machine is because of the application process. The minuscule dots that are etched onto your chosen material are done so by a striker pin. This effect is striking and permanent. The pressure used to drive this force can be either pneumatic or electric. The pins of the striker are then activated and pushed down rapidly into the surface of your medium. The intended result is a highly visible mark that will remain on the surface, even if you decide to paint over it.

If you own a business and have a trademark or branding, dot peening is a great way to apply this personal imagery or lettering to objects or even your products, depending on what you sell. Because there is a wide variety of materials that a dot peen machine is compatible with, you can also add your trademark to surfaces like canvas or paper.

Now that you know what a dot peen machine is, below are the three primary models currently available on the market:

  1. Bench Dot Peen: this is the largest dot peen that isn’t industrial. This is because it is usually attached to a heavy object like a bench and therefore immobile. This means that you have to bring your materials to the machine, not the other way. It’s great for heavy-duty jobs. Because this is an industrial-sized machine, it comes with different fittings depending on what kind of task you need it to do.
  2. Portable Machine: a handheld dot peen is the most versatile machine. Because it’s portable, you can take it anywhere with you and aren’t limited to just using it in the workshop. However, because it’s smaller, it’s limited to smaller tasks and can’t take on jobs that are too big. The most significant advantage to this type of dot peen is that you can often attach them to your computer, also.
  3. Integrated Unit: this is the largest of the three. This is because it is used in the consumer goods industry in the production process. If you oversee a production line, this kind of dot peen can be attached at any point in the process. This integrated dot peen can streamline the task if you have quite a high volume of product to be marked.

A dot peen system is an excellent addition to your business, whether it’s big or small. Whether you’re marking hundreds of the same product every day or just wanting to leave your trademark somewhere where it will always be seen, you can get the job done with a dot peen machine. One significant advantage of labeling household items with a dot peen marker is that they’ll be easy to track if they are taken.