Alternative Applications of Vacuum Sealers

Many people usually purchase a vacuum sealer because it’s a very effective food packaging solution. Did you know, however, that vacuum sealers have many other different uses apart from packaging food? If not, then these are some examples of alternative applications for vacuum sealers. You can use your imagination to come up with more applications. But for more information about buying vacuum sealers, please visit Vacuum Sealer Buying Guide.

Metal items

The issue with things made from metals like silver, copper or bronze is that they tend to tarnish over time. If you know what the term tarnish means, you also probably understand the sort of effort that is required to get rid of the tarnish and restore the affected kitchen items to their very best condition. If you’re wondering what tarnish means, it’s a form of corrosion that develops on metal items due to continuous contact with air.

Therefore, a more effective method to prevent corrosion or tarnish in metal items is to vacuum pack them using strong vac bags before you store them. This method can prove effective for a variety of items, including silver cutlery, spare mechanical and electronic parts, small batteries and so on. Although this is not exactly a foolproof solution, it is often a long-term solution.

Books and magazines

Paper products such as old magazine issues as well as books also do tarnish when you keep them in the open for far too long. Even when these items are kept in tightly sealed cardboard boxes, they’ll still come into contact with air and moisture, which will in turn cause effects of mold growths, yellowing and so on.

Conversely, vacuum sealing such items will automatically get rid of the effects of dust and air from the equation. When a few packs of silica gel or rock salt are thrown into the mix, the issue of moisture is compensated for as well.

Vital documents

Of course, you may laminate vital documents such as marriage certificates, birth certificates, warranty cards, purchase records and so on to shield them from natural elements such as air, moisture and dust. But when the lamination gets spoiled, then it’s best to vacuum seal vital documents as it is a very convenient and effective solution. Then you can keep these documents in a safe and not have to worry about them becoming damp.

In addition, since you’ll need to cut the seal to access the documents, it is very easy to know if somebody else tried to access your documents just by checking the state of the seal.

CDs and similar media

Storing your backup Blu-Ray discs and DVDs in their regular cases might prevent damage caused by accidental falls, but this doesn’t do much in terms of providing them with protection from air, humidity, and dust. Alternatively, vacuum sealing these cases in little pouches completes the process of protection. This is also true when it comes to protecting vinyl records.

Thus, instead of worrying about how to make a special climate-controlled storage room, you now have a costly but highly efficient option of storing them in nice cardboard boxes.

Emergency and travel kits

Medicine bottles, cosmetics, toiletries and other related products usually pose a problem when packing your travel bag as they have fluids that can spill out very easily. Therefore, vacuum sealing these items individually or in a batch would be the ideal option. You can then put these items in a luggage carrier.

Similarly, before you go for camping, you may vacuum seal basic gear such as maps, compasses, GPS and so on. The same case applies to items such as match boxes, dry clothes, wet wipes, female sanitation products, and batteries, all of which may be vacuum sealed for minimum use of space in the backpack and maximum functionality.

Disaster preparedness is essentially about getting the best kits and here vacuum sealing can immensely help as well. For example, you can vacuum seal band aids, surgical gloves, gauze tapes and the like into a single compact package that’ll snugly fit into your portable first aid bag. In the same way, a vacuum sealed kit consisting of hand warmers, spare socks, space blanket, and rain poncho can be really handy in cold and wet conditions.